Adult Chill nights for 2020

Us adults deserve some chill out time

The last Friday of the month (pay day ,usually),NO children are allowed, just you and your craft activity.We are on hand if you need help.

Bring wine if you wish ,we will supply the glasses .We just ask you to take your empties.

worried you’ll be on your own ? Please don’t worry Abi, Barb, Haidee or Kelly will keep you company and introduce you to others too.

You can book as a group too ,so on booking just let us know how many in your group and we will plan it so you can all be seated together.

Lastly we always have CAKE on sale (made by two local businesses),so hold off on your pudding that night and treat yourself .

Book in with a non refundable deposit of £5 pp ,this will be deducted off your bill at the end of the evening .01227 365240

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