What We Do

Drop in, reserve or book a party…maybe join one of the workshops, clubs or art classes.

The activity box is as it reads a studio of crafty activities suitable for all ages.

Primarily the studio offers painting of bisque pottery, once decorated by yourself we then glaze and fire for you and  you can collect your piece/s in a few days.

We love using clay foam on ornamental pottery or wooden items in the studio a fun, stress buster and very therapeutic activity. A clay with polystyrene in it, is rolled out and manipulated onto the chosen item creating a bright and colourful masterpieces suitable for ages 3 yrs and up.You can take your creation home with you on the day as it can air dry at there.

Deco patch (painting with paper is what we  like to call it) is another option you may choose.Your paper choices are on display . Cut or tear into small items and then paste onto ornamental pottery or wooden items in the studio to create something truly beautiful.This air dries at home no need wait .

Candle painting is also an option available in the studio .Candle painting is achieved by painting with liquid wax. Drying time 5-6hrs. so you may wish to leave in the studio overnight to avoid smudging your design/s.


Clay Foam
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